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    Sweet Pea Clothing & Accessories

    Those Leggings Though!

         Today we decided to make you a great offer! We have these awesome print leggings, but they kinda sorta remind us of Christmas leggings. So, we thought you might like to get them before Christmas. We have a limited amount, so we are only offering this deal to you! We may get them again when it is closer to Christmas, but for now, this deal is for you!


    Also, these leggings have been pre-washed. They were washed with All with Stain Lifter(Oxy). If, you don't use this as your regular detergent please wash them to avoid any reactions.

    Enter coupon code at checkout: CHRISTMAS15%OFF


    Are you excited about this deal? What do you think? Leave us a comment!


    Can I come to your store and try it on?

         We have been asked this question a few times and would like to talk to you about it. Currently, at this time, we do not allow anyone at our store to try on the clothing. We are only online. In order to make purchases easier for you, we have a size chart and a refund policy. Many times we offer free shipping, because seriously nobody wants to pay for shipping. We do everything we can to make online shopping with us as easy as possible. If, you have questions or concerns please contact us.


    What do you think? Did we answer your question? Let us know!

    Back From Dallas

         Hello, Beautiful! We just stopped in to tell you we are back from market. We had a great time and found some amazing clothing. We can not wait for them to arrive. Make sure to watch our blog because, we will post a few items here first! Of course, you know that means you will get a coupon offer! New items plus a chance to save some money. What could be better?


    Are you excited to sew the new arrivals? What do you think? Leave us a comment!



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